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Structure and staff

Competent staff working with advanced medical equipment

A highly qualified team, consisting mainly of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and clinical research associates, having the necessary skills essential to the implementation of a clinical study so as to provide the best services to pharmaceutical companies.

We guarantee a service of quality through our stability: our staff turnover is very low.



Patients and volunteers are admitted to our modern and safe facilities. Everything has been thought for your well- being and comfort.


Moreover, we have independent units in our hospital premises. Our rooms are equipped with bathroom, TV and air conditioning.


Our team is present throughout the study, guaranteeing continuity of care, and the safety of all those participating while listening to them and safeguarding their interest.



Emergency trolley, defibrillator, aspiration and inhalation kits


Oxygen supply in case of emergency.


Refrigerated and programmable centrifuges as per the protocol’s recommendations.


Portable oximeters to measure oxygen saturation of the body (at one given point).


Portable 12-lead electrocardiographs.


-20 ° and -70 ° freezers under continuous control: their temperature is monitored by computer every 15 minutes.


Emergency generator


Temperature control software


Video Surveillance