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Frequently asked questions

Responding to your queries

As volunteers or patients, it is quite normal to have questions on the activities of a clinical trial centre, on the evolution of the studies, the conditions and the different commitments that you would have. CAP RESEARCH will provide you with all relevant information, on this site and also when you call us. It is our duty to keep you well informed, to be transparent, while guaranteeing your safety and confidentiality at all times.

Reason for becoming a volunteer?

To be a volunteer, is to help medical research progress; improve the health and ensure the well-being of our family members and our entourage. At the same, when you participate in a study you, you are paid a compensation.

How to participate in a study?

Throughout the year CAP RESEARCH looks for healthy volunteers and patients (those suffering from an ailment), men and women between 18 and 80 years of age.

There are several options open to you to participate in a study:

  • Via our website, by filling out the form under the heading «Becoming a Volunteer»
  • By contacting us on 427 01 44 Monday to Friday, 8a.m to 5pm

As soon as a study matches your profile, you will be contacted so as to undergo a medical examination (a simple verification to ensure that you fall within the criteria of the study). All essential information will be provided at on site by our medical staff. If you decide to participate, you will then sign a document: the consent form, thus formalising in writing all relevant information of the study.

What is consent form?

To participate in a study, a volunteer or patient must be fully aware of what he will have to do be when joining a study. CAP RESEARCH informs you and suggests the study, but does not insist on your participation. As such we have an ethical and legal obligation and duty to keep the patient informed and this applies to the whole medical body. Hence, the consent form is a document that contains all relevant information about the study (treatment characteristics, duration, constraints imposed by the study, allowance …) By signing the consent form , you acknowledge having received these information, that you agree to the terms of the study and have decided , in full awareness, to participate.

What are my obligations when participating in a clinical trial?

Throughout the study, you will have a privileged interaction with our staff, composed of doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians. Depending on the type and duration of the study, you may be hospitalised or not. Your presence at the clinic will vary from a few hours a day to several days or several weeks according to the protocol. You will be informed of all the details about your responsibilities during your medical visit and also upon delivery of the consent form.

Do we receive a compensation for the clinical trials?

Yes. At the end of the study, you will receive an allowance. The amount paid out is communicated at the beginning, in the informed consent that you have to sign.

Can we participate in several studies?

It is not possible to participate in several studies at the same time. On the other hand, if your profile allows it, you will have the opportunity to participate in various studies during the year, with a minimum gap between each one. This period varies between one and three months, depending on the type of the clinical trial. Usually each study requires participants with a well-defined profile and adheres to very specific criteria. Based on the information that you provide when filling in the registration form, CAP Research will be able to specify which study or studies are available for you to take part in.