Cap Research réalise différentes études sur des traitements nouveaux ou existants.

First administration of a treatment to humans

Safety and tolerance of a product

Food effect. Bioequivalence


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Based at Phoenix, CAP RESEARCH is a Mauritian CRO (Clinical Research Organisation), which conducts medical and clinical trials for phases I, II and III, on volunteers (healthy subjects) and on patients (those suffering from a pathology).

Clinical trials

The study, or clinical trial, collects under strict medical supervision and within strict regulatory framework and according to specific protocols, various information on the material tested, be it a new drug or an existing one.

Latest medical equipment

The test is performed on our premises, where the latest medical equipment and comfortable facilities allow for optimal working conditions.

A Team of Professionals

The Volunteers and the patients are under the supervision of a team of professionals; doctors, nurses, care assistants, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, from the start till the end of the study.

All united, fighting for a better future and the development of tomorrow’s medicines: CAP RESEARCH has the expertise and excellences in servicing the health industry.

To help towards the development of medical research
Improve the health of our loved ones and ensuring their well-being
Safe clinical trials with an allowance
Join as a volunteer and help medical science progress whilst taking part in a clinical study!
We are looking for and recruiting men and women aged between 18 and 80 years to test innovative drugs which will in the near future eradicate diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, diabetes or HIV.